Compmillennia has completed a variety of projects including the world’s largest all-composite superstructure for a 463-ft gigayacht and several military projects, including a 53-ft, 60 mph patrol boat and a 12.5-ft air drop rescue craft.

Its legacy of boatbuilding and technology expertise comes from over 30 years and hundreds of boats built via Manager, Jim Gardiner. From large, one-off custom luxury yachts to racing sailboats, to production flats boats and center console fishing boats, Compmillennia draws from this project history to deliver performance and targeted cost for its customers.


Swift 141 Design

The Swift 141 project aimed to transform a steel frigate (similar to but smaller than a destroyer) into one of the world’s largest (141m/463-ft long), fastest (max speed of 26 knots) and most stunning megayachts.



Composite Superstructure

The first step was to remove the old steel topsides, leaving only the main deck and hull. The new superstructure would be made entirely from lightweight composites, helping to meet speed and stability requirements.


Infused Panels


Compmillennia produced 50,000 sq. ft. of infused composite panels which were labeled, kitted and shipped to Abu Dhabi, where they were assembled into new yacht bulkheads, cabin partitions and floors.

Carbon Fiber Beams


Compmillennia also fabricated 3,000 ft of carbon fiber prepreg C-channel beams, which spanned the superstructure bulkheads and formed the fore-to-aft structural girders.

Short Timeline

Developed and built in compliance with Det Norske Veritas’ “High Speed Light Craft and Naval Surface Craft”, the superstructure components were built in just 12 months, the time it would typically take just to fabricate the one-off molds for a project of this size.

Megayacht YAS


Now launched, the megayacht Yas will serve the royal family of Abu Dhabi with room for 60 guests and 56 crew. This yacht is being touted worldwide as a feat of design and engineering. Project manager, Johan Valentijn: Our international team of experts, subcontractors and suppliers has accomplished one of the greatest challenges in modern yacht building, … a major milestone in shipbuilding technology and art that will be difficult to surpass.”