Compmillennia has experience with a wide range of materials & processes:

  • Glass, carbon & Kevlar® fiber
  • Woven roving, aerospace-grade twills & satins, unidirectionals & knitted/stitched multiaxials
  • Prepregs using heated molds or computer-controlled ovens
  • Vacuum-bagged wet layup
  • Infusion
  • Skin-stringer and cored sandwich construction

Compmillennia is not tied to any one type of material or process, but uses the materials and processes best suited for each project, identified in cooperation with its customers, using its technical expertise and years of experience.


Large Structures

Compmillennia uses a heated table mold to produce large panels (e.g. 20-ft by 60-ft) using infusion or vacuum-bagged wet layup, and also has expertise in large, complex-shaped structures using various materials and processes to minimize cost.

Core and Prepreg

Compmillennia uses solid laminate and cored construction (e.g. carbon fiber stitched multiaxial skin and balsa cored panel shown left). Sandwich construction may also use prepreg (carbon fiber foam cored beam, center). High quality prepreg structures require attention to detail, for example, straight fiber alignment is important to achieve maximum properties (right).


Part of cost effectiveness is materials & process testing to understand parameters and prove out techniques. Each part is different, affected by many variables — e.g. materials, consumables, temperature, infusion feed line layout or prepreg cure control — so testing is important.