Compmillennia’s LIGHTSPEED Catamaran is a sleek center console which tops 60 mph and fits a fishing party of 6-8 or family and friends from
14-16. Its innovative design—including advance composite construction—make it incredibly strong and lightweight.

An extremely efficient hull design also helps with the boat’s incredible fuel economy.

Compmillennia’s goal is to produce a small catamaran to compete with larger V-bottom center consoles in open water, but with a much friendlier fuel consumption. Larger V- bottoms need a lot of engine horsepower to push their 22’ to 39’ length along the water- line, and more horsepower equals more weight, more cost, larger vehicles to tow and more fuel.

LIGHTSPEED 1188 is in production now.
Call and reserve your 2017 hull.

Download the LIGHTSPEED 1188 Brochure
for additional specifications and options.

From The Hull Truth:
“ . . .it’s one crazy cat on steroids”

See comments and photos on The Hull Truth Boating Forum.

  • LIGHTSPEED Drawing

Our goal is achieved with LIGHTSPEED catamaran. Less horsepower is required, less weight, greater fuel economy and our trademark smoother ride.

Jim Gardiner has a venerable reputation in the boatbuilding industry, founding Egret Boats in the 1990’s and guiding it to be the industry leader in its segment, known as the “Rolls-Royce of flats boats” due to its high quality and performance.