Compmillennia is experienced with
the often conflicting demands of military projects, such as highly technical requirements but with tight budget and timeline constraints. Compmillennia has completed several projects for military customers including:

  • 53-ft composite patrol boat 
    with infused glass/foam-cored floor, bulkheads and integrated structural deck.
  • Glass/balsa core 12.5-ft air drop rescue craft for military and life-saving crews.

53-ft Fast Patrol Boat

This 53-ft patrol boat featured an extremely detailed and technical specification and a very short timeline. Built mostly from infused and vacuum-bagged wet layup fiberglass and foam core, carbon fiber was used in local reinforcements such as stringers.

Panelized Cabin

The cabin’s “stealthy” shape enabled panelized construction, saving time and cost by using composite panels instead of building a custom mold to fabricate a rounded/shaped structure.

Integrated Structural Deck

The large deck was layed up with stringers and central cut-out included, and then infused to form a one-piece integrated structure, ready to be assembled into the boat.

High-speed Hull 

Designed for a top speed of 60 mph, this complex shaped hull did require custom one-off tooling. Compmillennia used traditional boatbuilding methods to accurately produce the computer designed curvature cost-effectively. 

Air Drop Rescue Craft

Rapid Response Technology purchased the design rights to the Greenough Advanced Rescue Craft (GARC) of Australia.
Compmillennia contracted to build plugs and molds with modifications to improve utility in use, adapt a new Weber 140hp 4-stroke turbo engine + water jet, and upgrade laminate and construction methods.


Prototype to Production

Compmillennia produced 3 prototype GARC production models for on water performance and drop testing, and improved producibility via numerous changes to structure, systems and tooling.