Compmillennia benefits from long-term relationships with leading engineering & design firms, materials suppliers and other builders. This enables the reach and capability of a large corporation, but at a small company overhead.

Compmillennia has a legacy of using new technology and developing innovations to harness it that later become widespread:

    • World’s longest carbon fiber mast (177-ft) in 1992 made from prepreg, straightened under tension to reduce fiber waviness and cured using an in-house computer control system maintaining 150°F within ± 3°F across the part.
    • Minimized custom mold cost for 60 mph motoryacht by using composite panels.
    • Used vacuum bagging since 1970s and types of modified infusion since 1980s.
    • Closed-mold construction for Egret hatches and other interior parts to reduce weight and improve fit & finish.
    • Researched and adopted composite bulkhead-to-metal deck joint for 463’ megayacht superstructure, first to be DNV certified.
  • Large Prepreg Structures

    In 1992, Jim Gardiner and team built the world’s longest carbon fiber mast (177-ft) for the sailing yacht Zeus. An ex-NASA engineer helped develop the in-house computer control system used to cure the carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg, maintaining 150°F within ± 3°F across the mast length.