LIGHTSPEED 828 Catamaran


Compmillennia's 6.7m LIGHTSPEED is a sleek 22-ft center console which tops 60 mph and fits 14 roomily.


53’ all-composite patrol boat with infused glass/foam-cored deck, floor and bulkheads.


Compmillennia uses materials and processes that are best suited to each project, but has experience with a wide variety, from prepreg to infusion, fiberglass to carbon fiber.


Compmillennia has developed many innovative technologies. For example, the first composites-to-metal joint to win DNV classification on a non-military vessel.


Compmillennia builds to DNV and ABS class certifications, and maintains the highest quality through rigorous inspection, materials handling and construction procedures.

Compmillennia builds highly technical advanced composite structures quickly and affordably.

Managed by Jim Gardiner, a widely respected composites expert with over 35 years of boatbuilding experience, Compmillennia combines the best of cost-effective boatbuilding skill and tradition with the latest materials and technology.  Our specialty is composites problem-solving.

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